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Bonfitto Inc. Water Treatment

  • How is water treatment connected to boiler service and how is it important?
    • Incoming feedwater should be treated to prevent a number of problems in your boiler system.
    • Proper treatment of your feedwater can prevent scale buildup and oxidization in pipes as well as boiler tubes.
    • Scale buildup can reduce heat transfer to your boiler water and forces your boiler or hot water heater to work harder to heat the same amount of water.
    • Boiler scale can also infiltrate, clog, and damage valves, pumps, and other mechanical components in your boiler system.
    • Proper water treatment can increase boiler efficiency, increase equipment life, and reduce maintenance costs.
    • Your process water may require specific quality levels not available from your raw water source.

  • What qualifications does Bonfitto Inc. have that make it a quality water treatment contractor?
    • Bonfitto employs technicians with over 20 years of water treatment experience, including a Culligan Master Technician.
    • We are an authorized Marlo startup and service contractor.
    • Our technicians are experienced with water treatment equipment from all major equipment manufacturers, including:
      • Marlo
      • Culligan
      • Kinetico
      • Kisco
      • Aquamatic
      • Masters
      • Fleck
    • As part of a complete boiler room solution, we understand the importance of proper water treatment for your boiler system.

  • Does Bonfitto Inc. work on water treatment systems that are not part of a boiler system?
    Bonfitto works on all makes and models of water treatment systems, including:
    • Acid neutralizers
    • Chlorine injection and chemical feed systems
    • Dealkalizer
    • Dechlorinators
    • Deionizers
    • Iron and H 2 S removal systems
    • Reverse osmosis systems
    • Sand filter systems
    • Softener systems
    • Ultraviolet systems

  • What water treatment services does Bonfitto Inc. offer?
    • Annual and preventative maintenance programs
    • Resin analysis and re-bedding
    • Chemical feeders
    • Treated water supply to boiler feed/make-up tanks
    • Flows, dosages, draw rates, and pressures set for maximum efficiency
    • Start-up, service, and new equipment installation

  • Parts are also available for all makes and models.
    • Maintenance chemicals like Crystal 7, oxygen scavengers, and boiler lay-up solution are also available.
    • As we are not a chemical wholesaler, we do not supply salts and chemicals in large quantities. This allows high-volume customers to control their bulk chemical costs while still using our professional service.

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